Asian Performing Artists Lab

Asian Performing Artists Lab

The Berliner Ringtheater is a production venue where socially critical new theatre and performances are staged. Since 2017, the Berlin Ringtheater has been providing young theatre-makers with a space to explore their themes, formats and working methods, and supporting them in their projects through a heterarchical infrastructure. The Ringtheater is run by a collective. An essential feature of the plays at the Ringtheater is that they interweave political ideas with stories and actions, bringing forth unusual perspectives on current issues. Queer feminist, capitalism-critical and anti-racist perspectives, experimental forms and self-critical ways of working intertwine on an equal footing.

The Berlin Ringtheater is a co-production partner of APAL@AmnAsia.

The Farm is an independent, self-managed and non-commercial space to seed, grow, incubate, develop and nurture artistic ideas and practices, much like working on a farm. It offers artists a simple, DIY and no-frill space to research, experiment and develop works-in-process. At The Farm, co-living and collaboration are essential components of art making. It has 2 rehearsal spaces and is equipped with WiFi, a projector and a basic sound system for rehearsals.  

The Farm is a co-production partner of APAL@AmnAsia.

United Networks (UN) is an alliance of self-organized artists and initiatives as well as community-focused platforms and networks, whose aim is to address socio-political issues in the cultural sector, as well as promote visibility of marginalized perspectives. In addition to its artistic activities, it is strongly committed to the promotion of artists affected by racism and to an equitable cultural landscape. United Networks is supported by the funding programme “Verbindingen fördern” (Promoting connection) of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK).