Asian Performing Artists Lab

Asian Performing Artists Lab

Asian Performing Artists Lab (APAL) is an independent platform organized by asian artists for asian artists. It offers Germany-based performing artists with asian backgrounds the opportunity for creative exchange, experimentation and collaboration. APAL operates in 2 directions which work in tandem: the artistic and the social.

The artistic dimension
The term "Lab" in APAL refers to a process of research, investigation, testing out ideas and creating prototypes. It is intended as a place of curiosity, reflection, exploration and discovery. The focus is therefore not on final products, but on artistic processes. This is a deliberate attempt to break away from the capitalist impulse to constantly produce new contents and materials, to compete with each other and to only place value on works that are deemed "successful”. In particular, APAL aligns itself with feminist, queer, decolonial and translocal perspectives and approaches.

The social dimension
APAL is a space where we see ourselves not only as artists or minorities, but also as people with shared experiences, despite the great differences in our asian backgrounds, and where we support each other and stand in solidarity. At APAL it is not only about how we create works, but also about how we want to live together. Therefore, coexistence and collaboration are an essential part of our work process. We follow 4 basic principles:

  • The principle of collaboration
  • The principle of complementary
  • The principle of interdependent thriving
  • The principle of holding space


  • Strengthen the presence and visibility of asian performing artists in Berlin and Germany by creating a platform where they can come together and show solidarity.
  • Highlight the diversity within the asian artists community by respecting their different worldviews and life experiences.
  • Build a network of performing artists with asian backgrounds through collaboration and exchange of resources and knowledge.
  • Engage with Berlin and German society through performative works created by asian artists.