Asian Performing Artists Lab

Asian Performing Artists Lab

APAL@AmnAsia (Residency)

I am living outside Germany, can I apply for APAL@AmnAsia residency?

No. Due to our limited resources, we cannot accept applications from artists living outside Germany at the moment.

Do I need to have a German tax number?

Yes, we can only pay the artists if they have a German tax number. If you apply as a team, please make sure that all other members also have their German tax numbers.

What is meant by performing artist in this residency?

This residency is meant for artists working with live performance on stage, regardless of medium or format.

We are a group of artists with and without asian backgrounds. Can we apply to APAL@AmnAsia residency?

No. The residency is meant as a safe space for artists with asian background to share experience and find solidarity with each other. Artists from past editions has expressed a need to keep it solely for artists with asian backgrounds, because such a space is currently lacking in Germany.

Do I have to be present for the whole residency period?

Yes. The residency is more than just an opportunity for artists to work on their own projects. We hope that through the residency, the artists can develop a sense of bonding, by supporting each other’s projects and sharing daily chores. Cutting short the residency period would interfere with the bonding process.

Will accommodation be provided for the day of the end-presentation in Berlin?

No. Accommodation is provided only for the period on The Farm. For the day of the end-presentation in Berlin, you have to arrange your own accommodation. 

I would like to work with a theme that deals with my traumatic experience. Is APAL@AmnAsia residency suitable for me?

It depends. If you require an extensive process and a familiar environment to create your work, then the residency may not be suitable. Please take into consideration that the residency period is very short and that you will be living in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by people you do not know.

How long should my piece for the end-presentation at Berliner Ringtheater be?

No longer than 12 minutes. 

Who pays GEMA for the music rights in my piece?

If you use music that is protected by copyright, you must pay GEMA yourself. To avoid paying GEMA, we suggest you to use music that you have produced yourself.

Is it possible for my work not to be documented or for the documentation not to be shown publicly?

No. Documentation is an important and integral part of the residency. So please apply, only if you agree to have your work documented and for the documentation to be made accessible to the public.

Is APAL@AmnAsia accessible for people with disability?

Unfortunately The Farm is not yet designed for barrier-free use.