Asian Performing Artists Lab

Asian Performing Artists Lab


Hospitality Project is a series of social-artistic events centered around the act of hospitality. Artists from the Asian diaspora are usually considered "guests" in Germany. In this project, we turn this notion on its head and reverse the power relationship by positioning Asian artists as hosts.

We invite artists from APAL to participate in this series and imagine an alternative world where they are the main subjects and owners of their environment, instead of being outsiders. The idea is to create informal and intimate gatherings where the artists take on the role of host, inviting the public as guests into their worlds. The artists determine the date/time, the place, the rules and the guests of their events.

Curation: Po-Fu Wu & Sisu Satrawaha

✭ Hosts: Maharu Maeno, Hoa Yun Chung und Shuntaro Yoshida (Chōri collective)
Mapping Chōri / 調理 / 요리 – Swimming Pickles

Date: 22.11.2022 @ 18-19.30hrs
Venue: Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences@UdK: Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin (Rm 203)

Max. 15 guests (First-come-first-serve basis)
Bring: One ingredient which best represents you and a food container (if you can)
Cost: Donation based
Contact person: 
Po-fu Wu

"We focus on Chōri senses such as smell-touch-taste, using the metaphor of Ocean - a process of osmosis to navigate ourselves from one small cave to salty water to perform? dance? sweat? be soaked? with other species."

The collective, made up of artists from Japan and South Korea, welcomes you to an immersive workshop in food, gardening and microbial lives. Come experience different traditional fermentation food, which includes Nuka (an ingredient in Japanese fermentation) and Korean pickles, to connect with our senses and non-human relations, by imagining pickles as ocean and tracing the border between fixed territories through history and culture.

Host: Tien Yi-Wei
✭ 上菜 |Serve|Get on!

Date: 30.9.2022 @ 19hrs
Meeting place: EDEKA Thaut Jessnerstraße 47-55, 10247 Berlin

Guests: Anyone can join (18 years old and above), max. 7 guests
Bring: Prepare 5 euros each
Cost: Donation based
✘ Not a child-friendly event
✘ Non-Vegan/Vegetarian

"A gathering that explores the boundary between host and guest through stories during meal time. Everyone has their own preference in food. And taste has such an intimate sense which plays a mysterious role. I would like to explore our intimacy through food and raise the question of how we, humans, build intercultural relationships through food."