Asian Performing Artists Lab

Asian Performing Artists Lab


Ming Poon (Artistic Direction and Organisation)
He works with applied choreography, using it as a tool to interrogate, disrupt and re-organise the social and political relationality of the body in time and space. In particular, he is interested in the potential within the body of the weak/peripheral to resist and disrupt hegemonic structures, using choreographic strategies that involve decolonisation, vulnerability, care, queerness and failure. 

Besides APAL he is also a member of Urgent Bodies, a a newly formed collective whose goal is to bring dance and activism together, and a fellow of the Berlin Artistic Research Programme (2022-23). Through these projects, he wants to bring his choreographic practice beyond the question of how we want to make work, and ask how we can create community instead. His practice is inspired by Buddhist concept of interdependence and care, Judith Butler's resistance in vulnerability, Jack Halberstam's queer art of failure, Augusto Boal's theatre of the oppressed and Nicolas Bourriaud's micro-utopias.

Dr. Frederika Tsai (Co-curation of APAL@AmnAsia)
She is an interdisciplinary theatre maker, curator and dramaturge. She has been working as a freelancer since 2017 and has realised various projects in Germany and Taiwan, including a film interpretation of "Aunt Tiger" (dramaturgy and translation in Taiwanese/German/English for Quanxiyuan Puppet Theater in Taipei/Taiwan, 2021) and Asian Performing Art Lab (APAL) (co-curator, Berlin Ringtheater, since 2020/21 season). Since 2020 she has been working as a counsellor at Performing Arts Programm Berlin, with a focus on entry counselling, as well as counselling against racism and sexism in work context. In the 2020/21 season, she was a dramaturgy consultant at Maxim Gorki Theater. Since July 2021, she has been dramaturg and project coordinator at, a cooperation between Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim Theatre Days "Stücke" and Ringlokschuppen Ruhr.

She is part of the artist collective Luftpflanzen (Berlin) and a member of The Magdalena Project, an international network of women theatre makers, and of Initiative von Solidarität am Theater (ISaT). Driving structural change and practising solidarity are two main concerns she has been working on intensively for the last three years.

© Photo: Sarnt Utamachote

Dandan Liu (Dramaturgical advice for APAL@AmnAsia)
She is a theatre maker, dramaturge and member of the Berlin Ringtheater collective. She moved to Germany at the age of 23 to study theatre at the Free University of Berlin. The differences between the two societies in cultural and political aspects, which she experienced profoundly, lead her to reflect on the intertwining of art and the history of philosophical ideas as well as the political system. Her work is characterised by its transcultural perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches, and focuses on participatory theatre, political theatre and dance theatre. In addition to collaborating with numerous young artists, she also works as a dramaturg with established artists such as Kadir Amigo Memis, Yui Kawaguchi and Ming Poon. Her work has been staged in various contexts, including Berlin's Ringtheater, Hebbel am Ufer, Prague's Vierjahreszeit, the Bundesfestival Junger Film and the ARTE culture channel.

© Photo: Marlena Waldthausen

Jingyun Li (Coordination of APAL@AmnAsia)
She studied Media Studies (Bachelor) with a minor in Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University (China), Duke University and University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) and International Dramaturgy (Master) at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). After stints as a dramaturge in the 2019 Opera Forward Festival at Dutch National Opera and Holland Festival, she came to Germany in 2019, where she interned at Komische Oper Berlin and jtw spandau. Since then she has been living in Berlin and working as a freelance director, dramaturg, producer and theatre educator. Li's practice and research focus on issues such as gender, sexuality and cultural identity from a linguistic perspective. She currently curates the interdisciplinary and international WANZEN FESTIVAL at Stadttheater Spandau.

© Photo: Franco Atsoc